Thursday, June 15, 2017

Williamsburg Invitational Car Show

Bentley: Floating head restraint anyone?

Up the road from NMS-North is the historic town of Williamsburg, which you might know is an awesome spot to visit and experience life in Colonial America in lots of houses, shops, buildings, interactive activities, and lots more. Most people that visit Williamsburg buy one of the admission packages that admits you to all the cool exhibits and buildings, and it's worth doing if you haven't! On the other hand, I'd like to point out that the Colonial Williamsburg is really a little village that you can just walk into and see without paying anything! You can't go into all the shops and whatnot, but you can have a pretty good time just walking around for free. Plus, right next door is Williamsburg of today, chock full of restaurants, shops, the College of William and Mary (good art museum too), and all the modern amenities.

Besides all that, Sunday June 11th was the annual Williamsburg Invitational Car Show for charity, and this year's featured make was Bentley. Without any further ado, here's a look at the range of automobiles on display. 

Featuring Bentley

Ford Thunderbird

Austin Healey

Ye Olde Promotional Video Being Made

Very sunny, but another classic Thunderbird

1958 BMW Isetta, Three wheels

1958 BMW Isetta, Front Door!

Isetta engine, 1 cylinder, air-cooled

So, enough with the classic Europeans, let's get back to some big honkin' Detroit Motorcity made cars! Like a 1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown! They only made 554 of these that year.
Chrysler Imperial

1962 Chrysler tail lights

Even the script Imperial was cool looking!

What a steering wheel on the Imperial!

Good crowd, MG

1964 Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Wheel

There's just something interesting about a car logo that has a snake eating someone!

I'm thinking this is Italian for "Air Conditioned"


Historic Williamsburg, Morgan 3-wheeler

I'm going to guess London Taxi

Williamsburg coach, 1-2 horsepower

1932 Riley

Lotus Esprit

Classic Mercury Cougar

1962 Sunbeam Alpine

1932 Chevrolet

The Iodine State? OK!

Superperformance Cobra replica

1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate

1952 Bentley


As ZZ Top sings, "What's the word, Thunderbird!"

Vintage WWII era Jeep. It smelled authentic to me!

1991 Acura NSX

A red NSX, in case you missed the license plate

1966 V8 Mustang

Three of the new Alfa Romeos

Air intake for the Alfa 4C

View from the end of the street

Alfa Giulia

Alfa 4C in white, all carbon fiber main tub body

V10 Viper faces off with the Acura NSX

2000 Viper


1980 Triumph TR8, V8 motor, 2,487 were built

Sure, the cool British and Italian cars and others have been cool so far, so next, let's just stick with your basic restored 1955 Chevy Bel Air! Lots of cool stuff on this one, the interior was awesome!

Bel Air

Bel Air

Bel Air

I even like the jet-age hood ornament!

Chevy badge under the tail lights

Even the dash wants you to remember what car you're riding in!

1936 Beltley. Notice the steps on the left so you could climb into the rumble seat. 

You've seen the old, next, a new Bentley, only $276,322. 

For $276K you get a 12 cylinder engine!

Thanks for checking out the cars in Williamsburg with me. Coming up Father's Day weekend the NMS Abarth will return to autocross action!

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