2019 Results

Another year, and more driving! We have autocross, Lemons racing, and HPDE on the schedule for this year, and we'll mostly tell the truth about it here on the NMS blog!

NMS Does ZMax Autocross For March Madness

Brian kicked things off in February with the first autocross of the year with the South Carolina Region SCCA at Darlington. Driving the BMW 335is for the first time in autocross, Brian took on the big dogs in PRO class, and finished a reasonable 6th out of 8 drivers. On pure RAW time, Brian placed 11th out of 105 drivers, and 16th on PAX, so very competitive in the newest to NMS car!

Both NMS drivers were in the NMS BMW for the first weekend in March, with autocross action on Saturday at ZMax with the CCR and Sunday back at Darlington with the SCR. Brian takes the honors by being faster both days, with no cones injured for the weekend!

The team members had a little get-together at the NMS-North HQ, and enjoyed a weekend together by visiting the NY International Auto Show. Highlights included some simulator competition in the VW Golf, which was won by Brian because he cheated! Car-wise, we spotted this  2018 Sauber-Alfa Romeo F1 car and took about a billion photos of it up close, trying to steal some F1 aero secrets for future NMS vehicles.

The final weekend in April featured Brian and Team Coronautski in their Miata Lemons car in a true 24 hour race at CMP in South Carolina. Overall the team worked well, and managed to survive with minimal issues, finishing after having to park the car for a few hours Sunday morning. For a first Lemons race, the Miata looks to be a great option for future races, being much easier on gas, tires, brakes and also $$ compared to the heavy/rusty Coronet!

Friday May 10th found NMS-South  at another SCCA Track Night In America, lapping it up at Carolina Motorsports Park. In a fun event (not racing, no competition), Brian polished up his piloting skills and turned in a best lap just under 2 minutes, so congrats for hitting this milestone!

Brian returned to some serious autocross action on the 23rd down in Charleston with the South Carolina Region SCCA, this time driving the trusty NMS Miata. He took an excellent 10th on PAX out of 103 drivers, so way to go Brian!

Not sure what happened in these months, probably lots of prep work for the September LEMONS race!

Brian and Team Coronautski/Bunch of Idiots/Team PopCopy (pictured above) have their Miata all prepped for the two day Lemons race at CMP in South Carolina. After the first day, they are in an excellent 10th place overall out of 90 cars! More results to follow!

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