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Welcome to 2020, and so far there isn't much to report, with basically everything shut down due to the world wide virus. Brian and the Bunch of Idiots team raced their Lemons Miata before things got bad, so at least they've been out on the track. Currently, NMS-South is upgrading their trailer, to make it air-conditioned and better insulated, so once things heat up and we get back to racing, that will be a great place to spend a weekend at the track. We'll report results when there is something to report!
Brian and the "Bunch of Idiots" Lemons racing team competed at Barber Motorsports Track in Alabama and managed a respectable 24th place overall in the first Lemons race of the season. Despite a few minor mechanical issues, the purple Lemons Miata kept circling the track, and will return at another Lemons race later in the year.

The COVID TIME (nothing to see here!)


We said farewell to the 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth and welcomed the new to us 2009 Porsche Cayman.
Up north at NMS-North, some driving finally took place with the Porsche Club of America, in the rain, and Robert brought the Cayman to 1st place (out of 5 drivers) in the S2 class, and 10th out of 30 drivers on PAX time!
Also in August, Brian in the NMS Miata was on track at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research with the NC Region SCCA for a two day Time Trial, running fast laps. Driving one direction Saturday, and then the opposite direction on Sunday challenged the drivers, and the results were determined by adding their best times from 3 different sessions. Brian stood on the podium with a fine 3rd place in class (OK, out of 3, but very close to 2nd) Final results by class: Time Trial Totals

With the most impressive accomplishment EVER by ANY NMS driver, Brian and the Bunch of Idiots returned to a full 24 Hours of Lemons race at CMP, and crushed all the competition (other than just one car) and took an UNBELIEVABLE 2nd place overall (and 2nd in Class A) by running all 24 hours! With only one tire stop and of course gas stops, they were running in FIRST PLACE on Sunday morning before a gas stop meant they ended in "only" 2nd overall!  Well, sure, they replaced the fuel pump right before the start, and maybe one ignition coil gave up the ghost right at the end, but come on, just try running your car for 24 hours straight and see if anything breaks! The entire team really outdid themselves. As incredible as their Class C victory in the 72 Coronet was three years ago, this is even "mo better" in the 1.6 liter Miata. They same crew will hit the track again in December in Atlanta, so stay tuned for that one!

Another year, and more driving! We have autocross, Lemons racing, and HPDE on the schedule for this year, and we'll mostly tell the truth about it here on the NMS blog!

NMS Does ZMax Autocross For March Madness

Brian kicked things off in February with the first autocross of the year with the South Carolina Region SCCA at Darlington. Driving the BMW 335is for the first time in autocross, Brian took on the big dogs in PRO class, and finished a reasonable 6th out of 8 drivers. On pure RAW time, Brian placed 11th out of 105 drivers, and 16th on PAX, so very competitive in the newest to NMS car!

Both NMS drivers were in the NMS BMW for the first weekend in March, with autocross action on Saturday at ZMax with the CCR and Sunday back at Darlington with the SCR. Brian takes the honors by being faster both days, with no cones injured for the weekend!

The team members had a little get-together at the NMS-North HQ, and enjoyed a weekend together by visiting the NY International Auto Show. Highlights included some simulator competition in the VW Golf, which was won by Brian because he cheated! Car-wise, we spotted this  2018 Sauber-Alfa Romeo F1 car and took about a billion photos of it up close, trying to steal some F1 aero secrets for future NMS vehicles.

The final weekend in April featured Brian and Team Coronautski in their Miata Lemons car in a true 24 hour race at CMP in South Carolina. Overall the team worked well, and managed to survive with minimal issues, finishing 33rd overall after having to park the car for a few hours Sunday morning. For a first Lemons race, the Miata looks to be a great option for future races, being much easier on gas, tires, brakes and also $$ compared to the heavy/rusty Coronet!

Friday May 10th found NMS-South  at another SCCA Track Night In America, lapping it up at Carolina Motorsports Park. In a fun event (not racing, no competition), Brian polished up his piloting skills and turned in a best lap just under 2 minutes, so congrats for hitting this milestone!

Brian returned to some serious autocross action on the 23rd down in Charleston with the South Carolina Region SCCA, this time driving the trusty NMS Miata. He took an excellent 10th on PAX out of 103 drivers, so way to go Brian!

Not sure what happened in these months, probably lots of prep work for the September LEMONS race!

Brian and Team Coronautski/Bunch of Idiots/Team PopCopy (pictured above) have their Miata all prepped for the two day Lemons race at CMP in South Carolina. After the first day, they were in an excellent 10th place overall out of 90 cars, and finished in 11th overall!

This was a great month, thanks to two days of HPDE driving on the world famous Watkins Glen track in New York, with the NASA-Northeast folks. What a fun track! Wow! We'll be back! Both the FIAT and the Miata were driving, as well as Kyle Ray-Smith and John Fatchy from SC. 

Highlighted this month was not driving, but traveling out west and watching the Formula 1 weekend in Austin Texas live at the Circuit of the Americas. I've lived in TX before, but this was our first time to attend an F1 race. We had a great time, chock full of BBQ, 85mph speed limits on the highway (even in a rental car), walking around the track during practice/qualifying/races, and of course seeing the world's greatest drivers over three days on track. Just picture spending three days outdoors at the State Fair, and then throw in some other adventures and several friends from SC, and it was epic!

Brian was back on track with the Lemons PopCopy Miata and the Bunch of Idiots race team on 14-15 December at Road Atlanta. Rumor has it that they actually completed the race on one set of tires and one set of brake pads. This would be the complete opposite of the 72 Dodge Coronet racing experience, so look for more Miata Lemons racing in 2020!

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