Saturday, June 17, 2017

Remember that Formula 1 Auction Last Month?

If you missed the NMS blog about the auction, you can find it at:  Manor Auction

Recently we sent our reporter out to NMS-North HQ to do a bit of a follow-up. Once we actually found someone awake in the NMS facility, we ignored the KEEP OUT signs, DOG BITES warning, and then we asked them a few questions:

1. Did you guys buy an F1 race car chassis? Not even close! Just the shipping costs on one of those would have broken the bank!

2. Did NMS buy one of those cool F1 steering wheels with a bazillion buttons on it? Uh, no. Too rich for our blood. We know this, because we asked about donating enough blood to buy something in the auction and they just mumbled something about "unless you  have Sebastian Vettel's blood", and then they laughed.

3. OK, then did you buy any cool carbon fiber go-fast parts that will fit on the Miata? I don't think so. Not this time.

4. Tires! There were a LOT of round roly tires just waiting to be made into cool garage decorations, you must have bought at least one? Nope. Not a single one. Here's a hint though, you can make your own F1 tires: Take some chocolate donuts, and write the word "Pirelli" on them with white frosting. Plus they're edible!

5. I give up, did you buy anything at all?  Yes!

6. And?  Glad you asked! NMS picked up some Manor racing team polo shirts, so  here they are.

First up, last year's team polo in gray. Believe it or not, I just checked the official F1 website store, and they're still selling these for about 50 bucks. (don't tell anyone, but we didn't pay anywhere close to that much!)

MANOR 2016

Another item besides the OLD polo shirts, is THIS year's Manor F1 team  polo shirt below. This is kind of cool if you're a racing geek, because the team is not racing this year. They went bankrupt, and the auction sold off all their cars, parts, tools, and these shirts! In other words, they were still working on building cars and racing this year, to include stocking up on fan wear, but then the owners pulled the plug and they were out of business. Their loss is our gain I guess, and sure to NOT be a collector's item, just one little bit of F1 racing trivia.

We spared no expense in hiring this model dude to try these on, brought in a professional photographer, and shot this blog on a remote exotic location. Yeah, that was a waste of money, we could have done it all ourselves in the living room with an iPhone.

MANOR 2017

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