Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Painting a Lemon Part 1

We're months away from our first race, but the pace isn't letting up on getting the car ready.
Last week, Kyle and I started by scrubbing and washing the car. It turns out it was a bit dirty. 

Making a first pass with 320 grit.

Today I spent a few hours with a big ol' grinder and a power sander and smoothed out the existing paint.
After the full sand and rinsed off.

From our sand paper archaeology, we've discovered the car started life as a very 1970s gold with a vinyl top.  From there we think the car was sprayed plum crazy purple, a popular Dodge color for the muscle cars of the era. From there it was painted a solid black.  Most of the black paint job still is holding up okay as I spent a lot of time just scuffing up clear coat from that black paint. On top of the black, one of the previous teams added yellow and green for the Jamaican flag for the "Cool Runnings" bobsled theme.
Maybe a rookie sanding job, but what better car to learn on. It looks bad now, but it's nice and smooth.

I got home from the marathon of sanding to find a box full of our new paint! Just a little more cleaning and prep and we'll be ready to get that new color on the car!
Cutting down to that beautiful gold on the roof.

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