Saturday, June 24, 2017

No Ham, Just Lots of Cars

This weekend in Smithfield Virginia is the annual car show. Yes, it's the Smithfield that is home to Smithfield Ham. No, we didn't spot any hams, just cars. If you're really into ham, you can use Google to visit the Ham Cam online and see the world's oldest ham!

Some of these cars are older than me even, so if I'm not chock full of information, well, you can always look it up or just see if you spot something you've never seen before. Most of today's show was all about America, with tons of Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, even a DeSoto and a Hudson!

Buckle  up, here we go, here's most of the cars we spotted on display:

You can't get much more American than this

OK, a refurbished modernized DeSoto is probably more American!

Photo is upside down, but at least you can read it now

Yes, I'll take a classic yellow V8 hot rod, thanks!

Why can't Ford keep putting dogs on their hood ornaments?

Buick anyone?

78. Lincoln. It's. So. Loooooooooooong!

Gold. Oldsmobile. It's a thing

When air filters were ROUND!

So Much GOLD!

Your basic "Special".

Still looking for the seat belts and airbags in here

Epic Chrome Dagmars. You can look it up. 

Race prepped Mustang, here's the fuel cell and battery.
Also had race seats, belts, cage, and Hoosier tires.  

Ford Custom. 'MERICA!

Purple? OK!

Very few foreign cars, a French 2CV. 


Chevy Nomad. Note sliding rear window

Ford Bronco. Always loved this version. Look for the NEW Bronco from
Ford in a few more years

International Harvester van

Plymouth Road Runner

Mustang, Cobra Jet engine

Pontiac GTO

hey, another Chevy truck!

Seriously, when was the last time you saw
a 1940 PLYMOUTH pickup truck?
I bet that house is older. 

"Product of Chrysler Corp USA"

If you don't like the black/white look, just think 1940

Seen a Plymouth Scamp lately? I didn't think so. 

You probably can't buy an interior like this today.
Nor should you want to!

Maybe this hot rod will help you forget the Scamp!

1964 Dodge Dart. Also not seen everyday!

1936 Chevy. Really older than me!

Corvette. Rhymes with "MERICA!"

I think this is the Dodge Super Bee

Now THATS a logo!

OK, so maybe it has TWO LOGOS! We spotted
two Super Bees today!

More America!

Even in Yellow, the Corvette is a winner!

Cale Yarborough Mercury Cyclone. 

I'm SURE you haven't seen one of these today!

Here's that HUDSON!

Hudson was later bought out by American Motors

You could still buy a Hudson in 1957

Even I can change spark plugs if they're on TOP of the engine!


442 number 1

There was live music. Believe it or not, this band was playing some
Grateful Dead. 

Even this old Ford Fire Truck was nice

Little kids love the Mini

442 number 2

This was cool, maybe a different color next time

Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart

Detail on the Dart

I  believe this is a Ford Thames from Britain

Proper bonnet folding

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