Monday, June 5, 2017

More Lemony Goodness

Sunday the crew was at it again. We're starting to become a well oiled machine.
A trunk!?

Step 1, our master fabricator whipped up a quick method for installing the newly acquired trunk lid by welding a few small brackets to triangulate the leading edge to both hold in the trunk and support the flopping rusting rear panel. Finally a couple of hood pins secured it all in place.
Grinding away the old weather stripping and rust.

Up next we removed the severely cracked glass windshield and Philip and I prepared it for the new Lexan windshield. Inside the car Luke swapped out the old tachometer which read a solid 4000 rpm regardless of speed at CMP a few weeks ago with a new one that gives some actual information about engine speed.

While the glass was coming out, Kyle got to work removing all of the old decals as a first step towards preparing for paint. Some of the original Lemons stickers and Super KGB stickers were saved for some excellent toolbox ornaments.
So complicated the instructions were used.

And while all of THAT was going on, Luke and John were working magic with the carburetor rebuild kit.
Still using those carb instructions and getting it tuned.

At some point in all of this chaos of parts flying and ratchets ratcheting and hammers hammering, we decided to try and figure out why the car was pulling hard to the left when we were braking on track at CMP. The caliper on that side was finally replaced with a new unit and we noticed our camber bolt on that side wasn't holding in position and flopping around as we drove.  New parts are ordered and next time we'll replace them and re-set the alignment
Test fit of the new windshield and leading edge of the roof.

We got some more metal added around the leading edge of the roof to help support the new windshield as well as divert air over the giant gaping rust holes.
Luke pulls a pretty sick one wheel burnout with Philip along for the ride.

After a little tuning, the car is idling right where we want it and sounds WAY better than it ever has since we first fired it up back in 2015.

Later this week we'll get the car back to Columbia where I'll get to take lead on sanding and prep for paint and then final paint and graphics now that we have the major "body work"'s still a rusty turd and always will be. Other than paint, we need to fix our massive exhaust leak, finish the windshield install, a few more small details and patch a few more gaping rust holes, and re-set the alignment.

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