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Thanks for checking out the NMS blog, just a place to talk cars, autocross, track HPDE, Time Trials, 24 Hours of Lemons races, car shows, and everything else car-related that sounds interesting. We're not a professional race team, so we just want to encourage everyone to have fun with their cars. 

Bob Nixon (Nixon Motor Sports North--ask me about my Honda Hybrid!)
-NMS driver and chief of operations, 2009 Porsche Cayman
-2024: Enrolled in Automotive Tech at York Technical College, planning to drive more autocross and track events this year too. 
-2023: Autocrossing in NY for the first half of the year, then moving to SC. 1st place PAX at final PCA autocross in NY, an NMS first! Fastest RAW Porsche with Central Carolinas Region PCA at Michelin, another 1st!
-2022: Autocross with the PCA (4th in PAX), 11 class wins and undefeated in S05 Porsche autocross. Lemons Race with the Bunch of Idiots team in 12th place in April at CMP. 
-2021:  Autocross and HPDE (Watkins Glen) with the Porsche Club of America NY Metro Region: finished in the top 10 overall PAX autocross, 3 class wins, and named the Metro Region Autocross Enthusiast of the Year! HPDE2 with NASA Northeast at NJMP and the Glen. 
-2020: Member NASA, HPDE at Palmer, member Porsche Club of America (2 autoX class wins in two events, S2 class with PCA NY Metro Region)
-2019: NASA HPDE at Watkins Glen, SCCA Autocross
-2018: NY Region SCCA STH class autocross, NASA HPDE at Pocono, 24 Hours of Lemons race in November with the Altimate Driving Machine team.
-2017:  1st in H Street TSCC (7 HS wins), 10th PAX overall; HPDE at Carolina Motorsports Park with NASA Southeast
-2016:  1st in G Street TSCC (7 GS wins), 20th PAX overall
-2015:  1st in G Street Tidewater Sports Car Club, Virginia Beach, VA (8 GS wins), 29th PAX overall
-2014:  2nd in G Street SC Region (1 GS win)
-2013:  2nd in G Stock South Carolina Region SCCA (2 GS wins)
-Lives in Rock Hill, SC        Born in Cincinnati, OH

Brian Nixon (Nixon Motor Sports South)
-NMS founder, driver, creative director, instructor, course designer, whitest helmet, 1999 Mazda Miata, 1989 Lemons Miata, Nissan Z350, Dodge Coronet Lemons car, 2011 BMW 335is, Chevy diesel truck tow vehicle
-Member NASA, SC Region SCCA
-Instructor: Tire Rack Street Survival
-2023: 24Hours of Lemons race at Road America with the Bunch of Idiots team, plus the start of prepping a Nissan 350Z for SCCA racing in 2024!
-2022: OVERALL WINNERS LUCKY DOG RACING!!!  Lemons racing with the "Bunch of Idiots", NASA Time Trials, 2nd Place in B Class at the Spring CMP Lucky Dog Racing with the "Bunch of Idiots" and 12th overall at CMP Lemons race in April. Two class victories at the final Lucky Dog weekend at CMP in the fall!
-2021: 24Hours of Lemons "Bunch of Idiots" Team at multiple events, NASA Time Trials License, various autocross and other events with SCCA South Carolina Region and NASA Southeast
-2020: Lemons Team Bunch of Idiots, 2nd overall Fall CMP, holds NMS track record at CMP, earned NASA Time Trial license
-2019: Lemons Team Coronautski, SCCA SCR, NASA
-2018: Team Coronautski driver in 24 Hours of Lemons racing, FIRST PLACE in C Class at CMP in November, and 4th place in C Class at Barber Motorsports Park
-2017: Lemons Team Coronautski 22nd overall place at Lemons CMP fall 2017, 1 HS autocross win
-2016: SCR Autocross Pro E Street, UnderDog Shootout at Bristol Match Tour (1 ES win)
-2015: 2 ES victories, 2 HS victories!
-2014: 3rd in E Street (SC Region) (4 ES wins) NMS Driver of the Year
-2013: 4th in SC Region C Stock, 6th in Central Carolina Region C Stock
- Lives in Columbia, SC         Born in Newark, OH

Jason Rucker (Nixon Motor Sports Carolina)
-NMS driver, official fastest driver at NMS, wears two hats at once
-2016 Co-Driver of #186 1999 Miata in Pro E Street, Member SCCA-South Carolina Region (3 PAX wins, 3 wins SCR Pro Class)
-2016 Top Four in Top Dog Shootout at Bristol TN Match Tour, NMS Driver of the Year
-Lives in South Carolina    Some say he was born on a racetrack

Michael Moore (Nixon Motor Sports Texas)
-NMS driver and chief of Nissan Z Painting-Restoring
-Driver of #277 2013 FIAT Abarth in G Street Novice
-Also provides towing services in Southern Arizona
-2016 Autocross Driver (21st out of 74 Novice drivers), NMS Rookie of the Year
-Lives in Texas       Born in Texas

Andre Goncalves (Nixon Motor Sports South America)
-NMS driver and chief engineer, Blood Type: Ayrton Senna!
-2014: FIAT co-driver, NMS Rookie of the Year
-Lives in San Antonio         Born in Brazil

Jeremy Garrido (Nixon Motor Sports West)
-NMS driver and West Coast director of competition
-2014: FIAT co-driver, NMS Rookie of the Year
-Classic VW Beetle Expert
-Lives in California           Born in Chicago, IL


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