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Bob Nixon (Nixon Motor Sports North)
(ask me about my Camry)
-NMS driver and chief of operations, blackest helmet
-car: 2009 Porsche Cayman
-2020: Member NASA, member Porsche Club of America (1 autoX win in S2 class with NY Metro Region)
-2019: NASA HPDE at Watkins Glen, SCCA Autocross
-2018: NY Region SCCA STH class autocross, NASA HPDE at Pocono, 24 Hours of Lemons race in November with the Altimate Driving Machine team.
-2017:  1st in H Street TSCC (7 HS wins), 10th PAX overall
-2016:  1st in G Street TSCC (7 GS wins), 20th PAX overall
-2015:  1st in G Street TSCC (8 GS wins), 29th PAX overall
-2014:  2nd in G Street SC Region (1 GS win)
-2013:  2nd in G Stock SC Region (2 GS wins)
-Lives in Kings Point, NY        Born in Cincinnati, OH

Brian Nixon (Nixon Motor Sports South)
-NMS founder, driver, creative director, instructor, course designer, whitest helmet
-cars:1999 Mazda Miata, 1989 Lemons Miata and Dodge Coronet Lemons car, 2011 BMW 335is, Chevy diesel truck
-Member NASA, SC Region SCCA
-Instructor: Tire Rack Street Survival
-2020: Lemons Team Bunch of Idiots, 2nd overall Fall CMP
-2019: Lemons Team Coronautski, SCCA SCR, NASA
-2018: Team Coronautski driver in 24 Hours of Lemons racing, FIRST PLACE in C Class at CMP in November, and 4th place in C Class at Barber Motorsports Park
-2017: Lemons Team Coronautski 22nd overall place at Lemons CMP fall 2017, 1 HS autocross win
-2016: SCR Autocross Pro E Street, UnderDog Shootout at Bristol Match Tour (1 ES win)
-2015: 2 ES victories, 2 HS victories!
-2014: 3rd in E Street (SC Region) (4 ES wins) NMS Driver of the Year
-2013: 4th in SC Region C Stock, 6th in Central Carolina Region C Stock
- Lives in Columbia, SC         Born in Newark, OH

Jason Rucker (Nixon Motor Sports Carolina)
-NMS driver, official fastest driver at NMS, wears two hats at once
-2016 Co-Driver of #186 1999 Miata in Pro E Street, Member SCCA-South Carolina Region (3 PAX wins, 3 wins SCR Pro Class)
-2016 Top Four in Top Dog Shootout at Bristol TN Match Tour, NMS Driver of the Year
-Lives in South Carolina    Some say he was born on a racetrack

Michael Moore (Nixon Motor Sports Arizona)
-NMS driver and chief of Nissan Z Painting-Restoring
-Driver of #277 2013 FIAT Abarth in G Street Novice
-Also provides towing services in Southern Arizona
-2016 Autocross Driver (21st out of 74 Novice drivers), NMS Rookie of the Year
-Lives in Arizona       Born in Texas

Andre Goncalves (Nixon Motor Sports Europe/South America)
-NMS driver and chief engineer, Blood Type: Ayrton Senna!
-2014: FIAT co-driver, NMS Rookie of the Year
-Lives in Germany         Born in Brazil

Jeremy Garrido (Nixon Motor Sports West)
-NMS driver and West Coast director of competition
-2014: FIAT co-driver, NMS Rookie of the Year
-Classic VW Beetle Expert
-Lives in California           Born in Chicago, IL


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