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The NMS Miata in Lincoln NE for the SCCA Championships!
September 4-9, 2016

NMS at Carolina Motorsports Park, May 2017

-NMS-South continues to focus on developing  the 99 Miata for track work this year. In addition, Brian will also mix it up a bit with plenty of autocross in his friend Luke's Corvette, two rallycross car projects, track time, and the Lemons car.  For more information on the 24 Hours of Lemons racing, check out: Lemons

-NMS-North plans on another High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) event with NASA at Pocono in August. The NMS FIAT Abarth moved to Street Touring Hatchback class this year, which is brand new in the Sports Car Club of America autocross world. Look for some Long Island auto crossing in 2018, and the upgraded FIAT now with Koni shocks and new springs.

                 1999  Mazda  Miata                     2013  FIAT  500  Abarth


-1999 Mazda Miata: K&N air intake, Racing Beat header, custom lightweight exhaust, Racing Beat 1.125" front sway bar, upgraded 12mm rear sway bar, 949 adjustable endlinks, Koni Sport adjustable shocks, Fat Cat Motorsports bump stops, Ground Control coil-over conversion kit with 550/350lb springs, Toyo R1R tires, Kirkey aluminum racing seats, Schroth six point harnesses


-After starting to autocross with a groovy 2004 turbo Mazdaspeed Miata, Brian sold it to buy this fixer-upper, since the 99 Miata was better suited to development and gearing for autocross. Found as a bargain buy salvage title car on Craigslist, the car has been modified as above, with more to come in the future. With co-driver Jason Rucker in 2016, this car started to win regional events and place at national events as well. Both drivers competed in the Miata in that year's SCCA Solo Nationals. For 2018 Brian is going all out track car with the Miata.


-2013 Fiat 500 Abarth: Koni yellow adjustable shocks, Madness 500 lowering springs, brake pads, DOT 4 brake fluid, K&N air filter, Neu-f rear bar, stock 16 inch wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires, NASA HPDE 1.


- FIAT returned to the US in 2012, so Italian car fan Robert test drove the basic 500 and then the 500 Abarth before ordering an Abarth. Built to NMS specifications, the car was delivered to South Carolina in September 2012, and we started autocrossing early in 2013. Robert has enjoyed a good number of class wins in GS and HS (thanks to low numbers of other competitors) and won his class three years running with the Tidewater Sports Car Club in Virginia Beach (2015-2017). Upgrades  include new lowering springs, and new shocks that we won in an online contest from Koni. Free is still our favorite flavor! The FIAT 500 Abarth was originally classed in G Street by the SCCA, then later in HS. With our few upgrades the car was put in the fairly new Hot Hatch class too.


-1972 Dodge Coronet: Stage 3 rust (for weight savings), wheels, one seat, a couple wires, fuel tank, manual transmission from a 90s Chevy pickup, oh, and a steering wheel, new rear trunk lid and rear window, brake pads, purple paint, etc.


-The full history on this car would fill a book, so the short version is that a previous Lemons racing team was done working to keep it running, so it was donated to the new Team Coronautski, and prepped for more Lemons racing. After not competing for five years, the car had a great first outing in September 2017 at Carolina Motorsports Park, and earned the Lemons officials coveted "Hella Sweet!" recognition! Some on track testing in December 17 was followed by a 2nd Lemons endurance race at Barber Motorsports Park in February 18. With an epic head gasket change and other repairs after racing on day 1, the Coronet was back on track and completed all of day 2 racing thanks to huge Team Coronautski effort late into the night!

-For their second Lemons Race, Team Coronautski was at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama early in 2018, and after more work on the car and improving their pit stop times, moved up to a 4th place in Class C. The team returned to Lemons racing at the Fall CMP event in South Carolina in September where they took their first class C win! The car has been in storage and is awaiting a few new team members to perform a number of additional modifications and get it back out to CMP in the fall of 2020.

BEFORE: Cool Runnings!


BSI-build roll cage, AFF fire suppression system, Sparco Sprint racing seat with Schroth 6 point harness, cool shirt mount in the trunk, custom hood, trunk and fuel cap pull releases, hellasweet purple exterior lighting and blue cockpit lighting, buttterrible 188k mile Mazda 1.6l engine

One of the earliest model year 1990 Mazda Miatas sold, the Lemons Racing division picked up this '89 build date car in November 2018. With 188,000 miles on the clock, and the previous owner's plans to swap in a V8 engine falling through, the team picked it up for a bargain. It was stripped down, taken to BSI Racing in Daytona, FL for a full roll cage to meet Lemons specifications and was prepared to make its racing debut in May 2019. It survived most of the 24 hour race with some teething problems. It's second race in September yielded an 11th overall finish, a best for the team to date. 
Brian wheeling the '89 at CMP.

K&N cone filters, camber plates, lowering springs

BMW 335is HISTORY: When teammate, John got the opportunity to rebuild a somewhat rare family-owned Firebird Firehawk, he jumped at the chance. Unfortunately that meant his BMW had to find a new home. Brian took the opportunity and purchased the car in late 2018. It saw several friends behind the wheel in 2019 through multiple autocross events. The inline six cylinder engine is force fed air with two turbo chargers, making over 300hp and 300ft-lb of torque.
Brian instructs Alicia at Michelin Proving Grounds with SCR-SCCA.

Next up is the 1936 Bugatti that Brian used to own when he was 10 and learning to drive on our private NMS track in Monte Carlo. Currently on loan to the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA PETERSEN.ORG where this photo was taken, if you believe that story, then come see NMS-North on Long Island and shop our fine selection of bridges of New York City we have for sale! We're blowing out the Brooklyn and Throgsneck Bridges this week, and no one sells bridges in NYC cheaper than us! With every bridge, we'll throw in a free EZPass so you don't have to pay the tolls!

1936 Bugatti

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