Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's Tire Safety Week!

This seems to be a regular thing, starting on Memorial Day, the annual tire safety week! Here is a link to a couple of facts about tire safety:  National Tire Safety Week

NMS encourages you to be safe all year long, and your car tires and truck tires are a good place to be safe. The 4 basic checks you can do yourself are spelled out with the acronym PART:

P = Pressure
A= Alignment
R= Rotation
T= Tread

Tires work best, last longer, and give you better gas mileage when they are at the right Pressure. Check it at least once a month when the tires are cold, and adjust as needed. Look for the information data plate or sticker on the car body near the driver's door for proper inflation pounds-per-square-inch or PSI. Heck, you can listen to Korean-pop star Psy while you check your PSI, don't ask me why. DO NOT inflate your tires to the Maximum pressure printed on the tire.

Have your car checked for Alignment if you notice it not wanting to drive in a straight line, or if you see one half of the tire wearing out a lot more than the other half.

Rotate your tires in accordance with your owner's manual. A general rule is to rotate every 6,000-8,000 miles. Again, your tires last longer if you rotate them, and yes, I know they rotate every time you drive them because that's what makes the car move, wise guy!

Check the Tread for general condition, nails, tears, and bald spots. If you see metal sticking out, it's time for some new tires. Hey, tires make a great Father's Day gift too!

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