Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NMS-North Autocross Season Goals and Preview

NMS-North FIAT Abarth Number 77
In a press conference somewhere in scenic Virginia Beach today, the NMS-North team announced that their 2016 season will kick off this coming weekend with two events. At the Pungo International Autocross Center of Excellence, the Northern squad will launch into competition with the Tidewater Sports Car Club on Sunday, as well as be supporting the Novice School held on Saturday. Also made public for the first time this year, the Abarth driver and crew stated that their goals in 2016 included the following four key points:
1: have fun!
2: drive safe!
3: drive fast!
4: make the car go faster!

Start line at Pungo in 2015

When questioned further, the driver of the NMS number 77 FIAT Abarth did confess that there really wasn't any "crew" or "support staff", or things like "a paycheck" for autocrossing, so he also went on to state "OK, I also want to finish in the top half of the field on PAX time, beat everyone else in my G-Street class and repeat as class champ, maybe even get in the top 33% on PAX time at each event".

Where we ended 2015

As far as answering the question of which of the NMS drivers was fastest, NMS-North replied that "If we both enter the same event in the same car then we'll see how that goes, but it's not a competition, it's all about finding that inner driver that can go faster than the last run. Life is all about the journey and not the destination" or some such nonsense, but by then this reporter was off to the NMS food truck for some free BBQ and grits. Everyone knows that drivers are full of hot air, but you can't miss a chance to get a free lunch!

Ready to fly in 2016

Bottom Line: Number 77 returns to autocross action this Sunday March 27th at Pungo Virginia with the Tidewater Sports Car Club. You can get more info on this event at the  TSCC LINK
We'll be back next week with the results, a photo feature on cars spotted in Pungo, and if we pay the cable bill, some video from the event!

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