Thursday, March 3, 2016

Miata Engine Build - Practice Makes Perfect?

We finally got the Miata running last weekend! After only two minutes on the road it started making a tapping sound so we immediately came back to the shop to diagnose.

At first we suspected the need to just add or replace some shims in the valve lifters, a simple fix. After further investigation, we suspected worse and cut open the oil filter to check the oil.  There was a significant amount of aluminum (non-metallic) shavings stuck to the paper in the filter. Bad bad bad.
Inspecting the paper filter inside the oil filter. Bottom left of the photo you can just see the inside of the metal canister it came from.
Luckily Kyle and Jason have been there to help over the last few days to help talk me down or I would have probably thrown in the towel on the car at this point.  We've made a plan to replace the crankshaft and connecting rods along with some new bearings this coming weekend and hopefully have a running car by next week.

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