Monday, March 7, 2016

Miata Engine Build, Days 4 Through 7

Friday, the motor came back out of the Miata and we were able to remove the oil pan and assess the damage. Let's say something important wasn't torqued quite to spec when we got everything apart. Kyle donated a crank and connecting rods from his motor build project and we purchased some new connecting rod bearings to resolve the problem.
The transmission was disconnected and prepped for cleaning.
Saturday we removed the offending parts, replaced the crankshaft and connecting rods, and got everything put back together and ready to load into the car.  We even squeezed in some time to clean the transmission case.

Post-cleaning, the transmission is looking pretty good!
The Miata logged about 20 miles Sunday afternoon and completed the piston ring seating break-in procedures.  Unfortunately, when we stopped to fill up for gas for the first time in 9 months, we noticed an oil leak and headed right back to the shop to assess.

After a few miles, we stopped for a quick visual check and needed to make a road-side repair with the only thing on hand, a bungie cord to hold some cables in the correct locations.
This week I'll continue to track down the oil leak so we stop spraying the engine bay with gunk every time it drives and hopefully we'll get the car in the hands of Jason for an autocross shake down on Sunday.
Back at the shop, the car cools down with the rest of the crew before we took a closer look for the oil leak.

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