Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charity Laps at VIR: March 25th

Exiting the pit onto the track!
The NMS team wants to remind you that your next chance to drive YOUR car on a great race track (and benefit charity at the same time) is coming up on Friday March 25th. Every year the folks at Virginia International Raceway sponsor these open house type of charity events, and it's a great way to spend your time on earth by having fun and helping other people. You can read about the history of VIR at this VIR LINK

Facilities at VIR
Last year I drove the Abarth at VIR and enjoyed it a lot! In the interests of safety, this is not a race, no passing is allowed, but it does give you a chance to drive on a real track in your real car. Helmets are not required, you just need to make sure your car is in good shape. I think my top speed last time was around 95mph, so to do that in a safe place legally, with a track of both right and left hand turns, and with varying elevation on a beautiful day in southern Virginia was just a plain old lot of fun!

For each 15 minute session of driving, you just have to donate $25 to charity, so you just might want to do it more than once! Here's their link on Facebook for more info: VIR Charity Laps LINK

A few photos from last time out:

Charity Lap Driver Meeting

Beautiful VIR, track beyond the building

Lined up for laps!

Lamborghini on track

Welcome to VIR

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