Thursday, August 31, 2017

National Drive Electric Week September 9-17

Nissan Leaf, top selling electric in the US

National Drive Electric Week has been around for several years now, so this year's version is taking place 9-17 September. Now, if you're very observant, or even if you aren't, you'll notice right off that 9-17 days is a bit more than a full official 7 day week. Good for  you! I don't have any idea why either, but it does manage to cover two full weekends that way, so let's go with a 9 day week from now on! Of course, I'd vote on working 5 days like a normal week now, and then we'd ALL GET A FOUR DAY WEEKEND EVERY WEEK! Write your Senators and Congressional Representatives NOW!
Brian drives the BMW i3, our favorite electric

Back on topic, you can go to the website and find an event near YOU at this link: DRIVE ELECTRIC
Mitsubishi electric

NMS-North is planning to attend the event in Richmond Virginia on September 9th, since we'll be down in South Carolina at the Lemons Race on the 17th when there is an event back home at Virginia Beach. Whether or not electric vehicles will replace gas, or if hydrogen fuel cells will catch on, or if we'll all be driving fusion powered Deloreans, who knows? We attended and blogged about a Drive Electric Week event way back in 2014  READ IT and had fun checking out the technology, looking at the recharging stations and test driving cars like the BMW i3 and Chevy Volt, so we highly recommend you find an event near you and check it out.

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