Wednesday, August 2, 2017

France and Great Britain: No Gas/Diesel Cars 2040

Will NMS be on Track after 2050?
Both France and Great Britain have decided that by the year 2040 they will ban the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles. This goes along with their previously stated goals of moving all gas/diesel cars off the roads by 2050. Autoweek Article

Why Brian Can't Have a 2040 British Jaguar!

Will that ever happen in the US? We don't have a working crystal ball here at NMS, so we'll say "not any time soon." Should it happen in the US? Hey, that sounds like a very political question that would involve science, pollution, climate change, the future, and even worse, a lot of math! So the answer is yes, a form of transportation that does NOT pollute, is safer, cheaper, and better would be great!

French Car: Who Needs 'Em?

Will this apply to the many types of auto racing in Great Britain and France? Shoot, the Formula 1 guys are returning to France in 2018 after not racing in that country for a long time too. Maybe the future Earth will split in two, with half the countries banning gas vehicles, while the rest of the planet turns into a Mad Max crazy thunder dome-on-wheels world.

Well, I don't have a crystal ball on this one, but  maybe gas powered racing will end up like back alley fighting in a Rocky movie, or chicken fighting, or bull fighting in only part of the world. Yeah, I can see it now, the black market travel agents that will secretly plan your "gas racing" to a foreign exotic location to see the old school cars that still race. Come to think of it, that kind of sounds like Cuba today, with all the 50s US cars still running with all types of weird spare parts and motor conversions to keep the classic car bodies rolling down the street!

OK then, glad to have figured that out! Formula 1 will return to Cuba, and if you're a racing fan, Cuba will be the place to be! Gas powered cars, rum,  and cigars forever baby!

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