Saturday, August 5, 2017

August Cars and Coffee

Since I tend to post photos of the "CARS" part of Cars and Coffee, let's mix it up this time and show  you the "COFFEE." The German grocery stores Aldi and Lidl have been expanding here in Virginia like crazy, so today I tried the hazelnut coffee from Lidl. In an earlier life I lived in Germany and became a fan of their beer, coffee, and bakeries! Plus, hazelnut is the greatest of all the nuts, and goes great with coffee and pastries, but doesn't do much for beer based on my experience.

The Coffee, Volume I

The Coffee, Volume II

OK, on to the cars! This was probably the biggest attendance at VA Beach Cars and Coffee I've seen, and the weather was great and overcast/cool. Big crowd of folks from young to old, and a healthy bunch of cool exotics, American classics, and BMW and Japanese import crowd. Shoot, there was even a guitar and bass duo singing songs to go with the crowd, coffee, and cars.

You can check out the Virginia Beach version of Cars and Coffee at Java Surf in the Promenade shopping center on Laskin Road on the first Saturday of every month. My math says that's at least 12 times a year too! This is an early event, and kicks off at 6am, with plenty of cars to see, and then the crowd starts thinning out gradually as the morning goes on.

Not sure if this is a custom job, or a British Mini-Moke

I love custom license plates

More "Plum Crazy" color, like the LeMons car

Triumph Spitfire

Classic American 

Not so typical American Avanti

American Motors AMX

Porsche SPOILER ALERT! (it's still funny!)

Forza Ferrari!
More Ferrari!

The Ferraris and other cars just kept coming


Great Corvette

See thru engine action!

Nice stuff


More American classics, right next to a Ferrari on the right

Mandatory Mustang shot

Cool truck

"1 of 1"

Hey, shirts now available!



V8 power

The original generation of NSX



Cool VW, a la "Baja"

Business end of the VW
85 Mopar = GLH = Goes Like Hell

Right hand drive roadster!




Yours truly, the NMS FIAT 500 Abarth

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