Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mid-Week Coronet Progress

Keeping the fast-paced progress on the car, John and I got back to it after work tonight.
The small knob to adjust the mirror mounted to the switch panel, right in reach of the driver's right hand.

I started off by rigging up some high-quality zip tie engineering for the passenger side mirror adjuster.  Kyle found us some really cool, rare (now) side mirrors with manual adjusters so we can more easily adjust our view from the driver seat.
Scales set up for the Coronet at CEC Racing.

Up next we spent some time making some minor adjustments to the suspension to balance out the weight balance in the car. We're far from perfectly balanced, but for a budget race car that's over 40 years old it's pretty decent.
Setting up the alignment.

We wrapped up with some more alignment work.  By using string wrapped around all four wheels, we can measure small differences and make adjustments.  Last time we tried to adjust the alignment it was at the dimly lit racetrack at night, so we're expecting this new setup to hold together a little better for the race.

This weekend we finish the checklist and fine tune some of our setup from tonight.

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