Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lemons: 4 Weeks to Go!

With only 4 weekends left until the first Lemons race, Landon and I cranked away at a bunch of key items left on our task list.

THE Coronautski

The first one I tackled was building a panel to seal off the gaping hole where the back seats used to be. Step one was to make a cardboard template.
Trunk panel template in cardboard on top of the sheet of acrylic.

Up next I transferred the pattern to the sheet of acrylic that we original bought for the windshield before deciding it was too thin and the wrong material to be used safely. This should let all the air entering the cockpit to exit over the trunk lid and not get trapped in the car.

The acrylic cut out and placed in the car. 

My second project was to build a pit board.  We wired up our radio harness today so we can use headsets in our helmets to keep clear communication back to the team in paddock, but even F1 teams make sure to have a physical board they can write messages on to communicate to the drivers if the radios fail.  I kept this one simple and took an existing white board, attached it to a slightly larger thin piece of wood, cut out a handle and gave it some color to help grab a driver's attention.
The Team Coronautski pit board. 

Landon did a ton of work to adjust the custom clutch setup and got it working better than ever. After that he moved on to beefing up the driver seat's back support.  He added a number of holes so we can adjust distance to the wheel for different drivers.
Modified and upgraded seat brace brackets.

Another upgrade was welding up a few of the brackets to increase strength.  I hit everything with a fresh coat of paint and it's looking brand new. Next week when the paint dries we'll install everything.
Adding holes for adjustments on the seat brace. 

Next week Luke, John, Kyle and I will finish off our task list to have the car race-ready.  After that we'll all get back together the weekend before the race to do pit stop drills and pack the car into the trailer.
Driver view. The keen eye will spot a push to talk radio button now on the steering wheel.

Everything is really coming together!
Gotta love the purple!

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