Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Ballad of 400,000 Volkswagens

Remember that big scandal where Volkswagen was found to be cheating on diesel engine MPG and pollution? Well, apparently they've now started buying back some of the offending cars, and from the couple of people I know with TDI VWs, it's working out pretty well for them since they're getting a good price on their used cars. If I owned one of them, I'd probably be happy selling it for more than it's book value too, but what is going to happen to those cars?

Glad you asked! We found this article Autoweek that talks about those cars. According to Autoweek, it looks like  about 482,000 cars are affected. Some of them can be fixed and then re-sold, but not all of them. As in MOST of them are likely to end up being recycled into soda cans or new VWs. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a lot of cars!

Another bit of good news, is that the 2015 year model TDI models just might still be sitting on VW sales lots, and with the appropriate fixes, can still be sold! So if you're looking for a possible bargain on a turbo-diesel VW, check your local dealer now. From what I could find on line, you have to ask your local dealer for this deal, since they don't seem to be advertising it much. This article from Cars Direct says to ask at your dealer before the end of May, and you should see something like zero percent financing and $8,000 off the price of a newly repaired 2015 TDI Cars Direct

For more information on the legal settlement, check out this page with tons of info direct from VW: VW Court Settlement

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