Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Autocross Report NMS-North

FID: Fastest Italian of the Day!

On April 2nd, the Old Dominion Region of the Sports Car Club of America kicked off their 2017 campaign at the Pungo Autocross Center of Excellence (PACE), with a good sized crowd of 47 drivers competing. I really made up that PACE thing, it just sounds way more cool than just saying "You Know, That Old Abandoned Airfield in Pungo Virginia." Even Facebook will tell you it's the "Pungo Autocross Site", but PAS isn't quite as groovy as PACE in my book. Here's the video:

FTD: Fastest Time of the Day: Steve Fehr's 2010 Porsche Boxster S

So, with nice weather in the upper 50s, it was great to be in the dry and not the rain/snow/sleet like we drove in two weeks ago. The only notable weather factor on the day was the heavy (for VA) pollen, which was giving everyone's car a greenish tint. You can blame me for the pollen, since I'd just washed the FIAT on Saturday. Kind of like the sure way to make it rain is to wash your car first. During the first run group, I was working on course and it was awesome to see the first driver cruise around Pungo, because it looked like a cloud of smoke coming out of the back of James Bond's Aston Martin, there was so much pollen being kicked up into the air!

2nd fastest: Bobby Smith's 1973 Porsche 914

We ran 3 different run groups, so each only lasted about an hour. After working the first run group, I got to sit down and watch most of the drivers in the second run group. This is normally a great deal, because you get to see how everyone else is driving the course, so ideally it helps. Driving in the first group of the day takes away this luxury, although you would have time to get out of your car in between driving and watch at least a few people out on course.

3rd fastest: Jason Lisner's 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

So, bottom line, I was pretty happy with how the car behaved, this being the 2nd event on the new Bridgestones on the front, with last year's Bridgestones on the rear. I'm trying higher air pressure this year, especially on the rear, so that seems to be helping my front wheel drive FIAT rotate and get into position in the corners better.
4th fastest: Andrew Carr's 1973 Datsun 240Z

Overall, I was 13th fastest on PAX time (out of 47). I'll have to settle for Fastest (only) Italian of the day. During one run, I had a passenger riding along for fun, and of course I managed to accidentally trigger the windshield wiper and the voice switch, so during the whole run the computer voice was asking me if I had an emergency. Sure, trust me, I know what I'm doing!

Nice helmet!

If you want to see all the results, you can head over to this ODR link: ODR RESULTS
As far as the rest of the season (first Sunday of every month with ODR), we'll see how it goes. I'll miss the next event in May because I'll be driving a 2 day track event at Carolina Motorsports Park, so maybe I'll be back at Pungo in June. Stay tuned and find out!

Here's the PAX results:

AS1STEVE FEHR2010 PORSCHE BOXSTER SFTD 36.0360.000FTP 29.5140.000
CAMS2JASON LISNER2008 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z0636.4320.39630.5301.016
HCR3ANDREW CARR1973 DATSUN 240Z37.0841.04830.5941.080
HS4JEFF LAFERTY2015 HYUNDAI ELANTRA38.9512.91530.6161.102
BS5JEFF ROONEY2004 HONDA S200037.7631.72730.7011.187
STX6KEITH KASMIRE1997 BMW 328I37.5331.49730.8521.338
HCR7CASEY CARRDATSUN 240Z37.5611.52530.9881.474
DS8DANNY HERRERA2013 SCION FR-S38.7042.66831.0021.488
DSP9PETER FLORANCE99 BMW 323I37.2601.22431.3731.859
ES10ROLAND WALLNER1994 MAZDA MIATA39.5713.53531.4191.905
SSM11BOBBY SMITH1973 PORSCHE 91436.1130.07731.5992.085
DSP12DOUG KEILER99 BMW 323I37.6971.66131.7412.227
HS13ROBERT NIXON2013 FIAT ABARTH40.4224.38631.7722.258
AS14MELISSA FEHR2010 PORSCHE BOXSTER S38.8152.77931.7902.276
AS15JIM EWINGCHEVY CORVETTE38.8822.84631.8442.330
FS16CALVIN JILEK2008 FORD MUSTANG GT39.7393.70331.9502.436
STX17KEITH MAPLESACURA INTEGRA39.0703.03432.1162.602
SS18PAUL KNOWLES2016 PORSCHE CAYMAN S39.1563.12032.3432.829
CAMS19RON KLUTE1987 CHEVROLET CORVETTE38.6172.58132.3612.847
HCRX20STEVEN CARR1973 DATSUN 240Z39.9253.88932.9383.424
FSP21JACOB MARIANI1998 FORD ESCORT ZX240.2934.25733.4033.889
STRN23KEITH HUNTERHONDA S200041.2315.19534.2224.708
SMN24ERIC HENSLEYMITSU EVO39.8313.79534.2954.781
BS25PAUL OBRIANT2003 HONDA S200042.3296.29334.4144.900
CSPX26ISRAEL VELEZMAZDA ,IATA40.0213.98534.4184.904
SMF27CLINTON FORD2016 FORD FOCUS ST40.5964.56034.4254.911
CSPX28ED LANGEVINMAZDA MIATA40.0624.02634.4534.939
CS29ZACH MARIANI2005 MAZDA RX842.5846.54834.4934.979
SMX31TYLER BENNETBMW M340.3064.27034.7045.190
FS32BENJAMIN MOORE2017 FORD MUSTANG43.2717.23534.7905.276
SMF33ANTONIO GIPSONMAZDA SPEED341.2265.19034.9605.446
ESN34DREW ELIAS1990 MAZDA MIATA44.6938.65735.4865.972
EM35JOHN SHEALLY1971 MORGAN PLUS-839.3553.31935.6166.102
STR36KYLE MORGANMAZDA MIATA43.0867.05035.7616.247
CSP37LEE HASSIGMAZDA MIATA41.6745.63835.8406.326
CSN38BILL RAYMOND1988 PORSCHE 94444.4518.41536.0056.491
EM39JAKE MORRISMORGAN RDST40.0063.97036.2056.691
XPN40CHRIS LEECHEVY CORVETTE40.8174.78136.4096.895
STXN41TYLER SENIO2013 SCION FR-S44.6538.61736.7057.191
ESN42DAKOTA DUCKWALLMAZDA MIATA46.55910.52336.9687.454
ASP44GEORGE STROKERMAZDA RX743.4027.36637.1527.638
EM45RICHARD LIPSKY1958 MORGAN PLUS 441.4335.39737.4977.983
STU46ROBERT YORCUCKFORD MUSTANG48.55312.51740.34810.834


  1. Great report. I especially like the PACE. Keep using that, maybe it will catch on! Good running!

  2. AJ, thanks, maybe we should issue a commemorative T-shirt for PACE! I think it's funny, because the Army likes to call their bases the "XYZ Center of Excellence." We also like to joke about our music school in Little Creek being the Army Center for Musical Excellence, or ACME School!


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