Sunday, April 9, 2017

How'd Those Predictions Turn Out?

Volvo Swedish Moose Version of the Ferrari Logo

What we said: With a wide open race... someone besides Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari might win! 

Wrong: Those three teams took up all the top 6 spaces.

The Real Ferrari Prancing Horse Logo

We predicted: "3rd place: Bottas of Mercedes." 

NOPE! Not only did Mr. Bottas NOT finish on the podium, he managed to over-aggressively warm up his tires, weaving back and forth on track under a safety car period, when he spun off and dropped several places. In an interview after the race, the Finn took all the blame, and admitted he made a mistake. I'm still thinking he's got a victory in him some time this year. 

We predicted: "By the end of the race, we might only have 12 cars running", 
WRONG! ...we ended up with 15 cars running, so close, but not close enough! 

Of the five cars retired, we had Stroll knocked into the gravel by Perez, Alonso and Vandoorn of McLaren both retired with engine issues, Kvyat stopped for some mechanical issue, Giovanazzi crashed himself into the pit wall (just like in practice). 

There you have it, a perfect record, not one prediction correct!
Maybe at next week's race from Bahrain I can get one right. Better make about 100 predictions, and then just brag about the 1 or 2 that happen!

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