Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Taking on Track Night in America

Last year the SCCA started a new program called Track Night in America.  It focuses on fun, non-competitive events at racetracks across the country and week nights.  The idea is you get off work a little early, get to the track, have some fun and then get home at a decent hour to get back to work the next day.

This month I decided to check out the event at Carolina Motorsports Park on a Thursday night. Several of the local SCR folks were out and we had a great time playing on track for three 20 minute sessions.  Generally it was much more relaxed than other track events, but for those of us just wanting to come out for a little bit of cheap track time, it was a great deal.
Image result for cmp map

Just about any car that's safe to drive on the road is allowed and it's a cool way to get a sense of what all this performance driving stuff is all about.  You can check out all of the Track Night events in your area here:

I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures, but Lemons/Coronet teammate, John had his camera rolling and got a few laps on track behind me in the red Miata:

The first weekend in May will see both the NMS North and South cars AND the Lemons Coronet out at CMP again with NASA. More on-track action to come!

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