Saturday, April 15, 2017

Quick Visit to FIAT and Alfa Romeo

Abarth = Big Scorpion!
Maybe next time we'll visit those other Italian auto makers Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini that sell cars in the US, but today I stopped by my local Pomoco FIAT-Alfa Romeo dealer here in VA. With the recent release of the FIAT 124 Spider that would be perfect for me, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan that my wife would love, I think I'm coming down with a double dose of that new car disease!

124 Abarth Spider
 Just to cover the basics, the FIAT Spider is a joint effort with Mazda, the folks that brought us the awesome Miata way back in 1990. The Spider has an Italian engine, Italian design body, and the Abarth beefs up the suspension and adds a couple horsepower to the basic 124 Spider.

Alfa Romeo 4C hiding under the red cover!
 If you are shopping for me, I'll take the Abarth version with the added Brembo brakes and Recaro seats please! If you can't find one of those, you can save some bucks and just get the regular Spider, priced similar to a  Miata.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
 I sat in this Giulia, and it was awesome! The steering wheel has a flat bottom like my FIAT, but the wheel is a bit thinner and felt very comfortable. Size wise, I can compare it to our Toyota Camry and say that it's a little bit smaller, but would be plenty comfy up front. The video display is built right into the dash, and with the car turned off you couldn't even tell it was there.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
 Inside the show room they had 3 red Giulias, with three different engine packages. The high powered beast is the cloverleaf Quadrifoglio, just in case you need over 500hp in your every day sedan! I believe it's a 6 cylinder with twin turbos.

That badge on the left means 4 wheel drive
 This car is available with all wheel drive, so that would certainly come in handy on an autocross course. I mean, in the snow, for my wife.

Giulia 4 cylinder version
 In the photo above, the engine bay shows off the bracing, and the built in struts to keep the hood  up when you're in there checking out the Italian awesomeness.

Giulia in Red Blue and Black
 Besides red, yes, Italian cars do come in other colors! Blue and black above in this case.

Blue Giulia

Awesome Alfa Badge

Alfa Romeo FIAT in the springtime

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