Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How To Buy A Race Car!

Manor Racing : 2 x Pop Up Trailers and Hospitality Trailer

In the last few years of the NMS blog, we've mentioned a few interesting auto auctions like a recent IndyCar team auction, our local abandoned auto auctions (where we bought the awesome non-running 200 dollar Mustang), cars found on Craigslist, Ebay, junk yards, and even a bankrupt Formula 1 team auction or two. So, if you want to buy a race car, well, it's that time again...

OPTION ONE:  Tons of stuff up for grabs from the now out-of-business Manor Formula 1 team.
Bidding will end on May 16th, so there's no hurry yet. Car bodies, spare parts, clothing, pit equipment, steering wheels, wind tunnels, car models, just about everything but the engine to make a car run. They're still putting together the auction catalog and getting photos of everything, so not a lot of info yet. Here's the link to the company that will be running the auction: Manor F1 Auction

Manor Racing: Over 200 wheels!
OPTION TWO: Maybe Formula 1 is a little too rich for your bank account, or maybe you don't want to buy your car from over seas. If so, then here in the US of A, do we have a deal for you! Take a look at this baby!

Panoz Delta Wing

Yes, one of the DeltaWing IMSA cars is for sale NOW, with a low low price of ONLY $375,000 out the door! Tons of information on this car are available at this link:  Panoz DeltaWing IMSA Race Car

Among the highlights, we'll just mention that it was built by Dan Gurney's All-American Racers, so you'd be in some rarefied air with this little beauty sitting in your garage! 

OPTION THREE: Here's a regular company that sells old Formula 1 cars, and various parts and bits to keep them running. Heritage-F1 has been in business for many years, and they've probably got something you'd like! For instance, they have two F1 cars that were modified with two extra seats, so that you could drive a couple of your friends around at 200mph! Check the two 3-seaters out at this website: Heritage F1 and then pull out your credit card. Both cars can be yours for "only" 525,000 British Pounds.
2001 Arrows 3-seater
Remember, that's TWO cars at this low, low price!

If your budget is a bit less than that, maybe you'd be interested in a 1993 Sauber F1 car, only about 38,000 Pounds!  93 Sauber

1993 Sauber

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