Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cars and Coffee Virginia Beach: April 1st Edition

Thanks to Java Surf!
The monthly Virginia Beach Cars and Coffee had another large crowd, and a great collection of cars of all kinds on April 1st. No fooling, here's some of the highlights we saw from about 7-8am. The event takes place on the first Saturday of every month, 12 times per year the way we figure it, out at the Promenade on Laskin Road. 

The friendly folks at Java Surf really do have the "Coffee" part figured out, so we highly recommend you try a serving or two of their brew. The event runs from 6-9am, so there are always more cars coming and going the entire time, and yes, people really do show up at 6am! This month there were 2 other FIAT Abarths, and one regular FIAT 500, and a classic FIAT Jolly from long ago!

Sunrise, in the east for some reason

Dodge Viper detail, or as we like to say: SPOILER ALERT!

Austin Healey Sprite

Love the badge: Not a product of the Coca-Cola Company

Left: FIAT Abarth. Right: FIAT Jolly

When tires were TIRES!




Background: Germany. Foreground: 'MERICA!


Saab Moose Shield Logo: Funny if you know Ferrari

I'd watch out for this student driver

Fiesta ST  Hoonigan "Honda Eater" SPOILER ALERT!

International Harvester Scout


Right Hand Drive Nissan GT-R: SPOILER ALERT!

An awesome Mazda!

Incredible Rat-Fink type Hot Rod!

My favorite car of the day!


Radial G/T in a circle

One of two Maserati cars we saw

Lincoln Cosmopolitan!


Lotus Esprit

Esprit Green Interior!

Of course Batman drives a Camaro

It was big

Drew a big crowd, I didn't ask what it was


Scuderia Ferrari

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