Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Weekend Racing Roundup

On Sunday July 3rd the Formula 1 racing season continues from Austria, home of "The Sound of Music", so I'm sure the hills there will be alive with the sound of 22 cars racing around the Spielberg circuit. For more info on this event, we recommend reading the Haas F1 team website at this link: Haas F1  Just in case you've lost track, we're still rooting for the American F1 team of Haas, and you will be able to watch the race at 8am Eastern time Sunday morning on CNBC TV.

Closer to home, the NASCAR Sprint Cup returns to Daytona on Saturday July 2nd, with the Coca-Cola 400 starting at 7:45pm on NBCSN TV. You can check out the entire season's schedule at this website: NASCAR SCHEDULE

Even closer to home (for NMS anyway) than that, the Red Bull Global RallyCross is racing in North Carolina this weekend, with races both Saturday and Sunday, 5pm on NBC both days.  You can find out all about that here: Red Bull GRC Schedule   If that's not enough crazy action from 600hp small cars on dirt, then just wait for the end of July when they'll be racing up at Washington DC!

If you are an Indycar fan, and enjoyed last weekend's road course at Road America in Wisconsin, I'm sorry but they aren't racing this weekend. You'll just have to wait for next weekend when Indycar returns on Saturday July 10th in Iowa, 5pm on NBCSN TV: Indycar Schedule

One last tip, check out the TV listings on line from Racer magazine at this link: Racer TV  In addition to F1, NASCAR, Indycar, and RB GRC listed above, you'll also find information on the Formula E race, Trans Am, and other race series too.

Here at NMS, we're powering down a bit this weekend also, so no autocross events this weekend, and then we'll be back in action soon with events in South Carolina, Virginia, and in the next few days we'll be announcing a new venue for Rally Cross in Midway SC, so that will be fun to go auto crossing on dirt!

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