Monday, July 4, 2016

RIP Tires

It's nice to have a full size spare some times!
Over Fathers Day weekend we successfully put an end to the Fiesta's stock tires.  They held up to a lot of abuse and autocrossing over the last 11 months so I like to think they lived a very full life.  These tires got so abused they were cording, or worn down to the nylon cord that holds the inside of the tire together. They are racing slicks. No tread. Bald. Zero.

You can see the final layer of rubber from the tread has peeled away here revealing the nylon cord. 
On the drive back from Virginia Beach, I did get a chance to use the full size spare and rock the black and silver look, similar to the Miata right now.  I've decided the black and silver works better on the Miata.

The top and middle tire have some tread left and were riding on the rear wheels. 

 For now, the Fiesta will wear the old Focus wheels I picked up cheap last year with all season tires.  This will keep it out of autocross action for the foreseeable future, but with Nationals fast approaching all of my attention will be on the Miata anyway.
I am still a huge fan of these wheels. I think they look great on the car.

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