Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence from Boring Magazines!

 Happy Independence Day USA from  NMS! Today we're celebrating all things American, which means baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet according to the Chevrolet people! Besides talking about cars, taking photos of cars, and driving cars, NMS sometimes just watches videos of cars or reads about cars. Today is one of those days, so here's a quick look at some of the car magazines cluttering up the NMS garage right now. 

Grassroots Motorsports is one of our favorites, always chock-full of autocross, track, tire reviews, car builds, etc. If it rolls on wheels, it's in Grassroots!

Via Corsa is the newest magazine, and it is quickly becoming a favorite. Their focus is not only on cars, but on the places you can go with your car. This cover story about taking delivery of a BMW at the BMW Welt (World) in Munich sounds like just the thing I'd love to do some day. 

Motor Trend is just about as all-American as it gets. The cover story kind of tells you that, this time they review the latest 4 cylinder Camaro VS. 4 cylinder Mustang. You can count on lots of new car reviews and news of cars coming in the future. They tend to repeat the Camaro/Mustang or BMW/EveryoneElse type of story, but it's a great story!
Automobile is amazingly similar to Motor Trend, it's published by the same folks and hits my mailbox on the same day every month too! Kind of gives me at least one day of the month to look forward to the mail! The 25 new models article was nice!
From the Hemmings folks that publish several other magazines, Sports and Exotics sticks with the cool older cars, as you can see with this cover story on the BMW 2002 and Alfa Romeo GTV. 

F1 Racing is a British magazine, so to me that means that the words are in English and not American! Seriously, very little problem with translating, and each issue has plenty of F1 racing news. The only complaint I have is that since it's printed overseas, they must deliver it to the US on a very slow moving ship, since the latest issue at book stores is typically a month late. Still, the best F1 magazine I've found in the US, so fun to read. 

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