Sunday, July 24, 2016

Yeah, We Race Dirty Sometimes!

Saturday kicked off the first ever SCR-SCCA rallycross and IT WAS AWESOME.
We hoped for 30 and got 50!

Rallycross is easily the fastest growing program with the SCCA and after several months of preparations our South Carolina Region finally was able to line everything up. As popular as rallycross is becoming, it still sees far lower attendance than autocross.  The physical strain on a car off road is a little higher than on pavement so that does limit the number of people willing to give it a shot.
Course change for the afternoon. Worn grass from the morning action.

We were all shocked to come out Saturday to over 50 drivers, all willing to punish their cars and get dirty to have fun in near 100 degree heat all day!  Almost everyone was learning and few people had ever tried this sport before but we all figured it out and had a great time.
Phillip flings the Focus through the slaloms in the afternoon.

Huge thanks to Midway Motorsports Park, who typically host drag racing on their 1/4 mile track but decided to welcome the SCCA to tear up one of their grass parking lots. It's always great to find new venues who are so welcoming to trying new car events with us.
Leaving a wake of dust across the back sweepers of the course.

After spending a few weeks getting Phillip's blue Focus back in running shape we both took it to the dirt and gave it a thorough break-in.  The car handled great and was even more fun than when we had it out for a rallycross in Georgia last year.
Focus, fully rally-prepared Subaru, regular Subaru, or piece of junk old LeMons Civic. ALL FUN! 

In rallycross they total all runs for the day and you get a cumulative time for your final score.  Unlike autocross where you only take your top fastest single run, rallycross really measures consistency.  I managed to avoid hitting a single cone all day and edged out my co-driver by 10 seconds over 6 runs.

Rallycross is a blast.  If you have an old car (or TRUCK or SUV or ANYTHING!) that you don't mind getting dirty, I highly recommend finding the nearest SCCA rallycross event and give it a try. Above is a short video of some of the adventures we had on Saturday and hopefully the start to a great new program in South Carolina.

Coming up next weekend we'll be back to wrenching on the Miata on our quest to finally resolve the oil leak and finish the vinyl work to complete the 2016 livery.  Nationals is only a few more weeks away!

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