Monday, June 27, 2016

Post #400 and a New Car in the NMS Stable!

Welcome to post number 400 on the NMS blog! Thanks for following along with us on the Internet as we've been auto crossing, going to car shows, taking photos of cars, talking about cars, test driving cars, and then auto crossing some more! Like most car lovers we have a lot of thoughts on not only the cars we're driving, but also those cars we'd like to drive in the future. Sometimes this is just fantasy (yes, I would like to drive the Lunar Rover on the Moon, but can't find them on eBay, much less afford a Saturn rocket to get there), but mostly we plan to keep discussing our cars. Sometimes they need some TLC, some new tires, and all that regular maintenance that keeps them running.
Brian Nixon is obviously the talented driver and artistic director of the blog, so thanks to him for starting this thing, and he's still faster than me too!

Today I want to tell you about a 2000 V6 Mustang that followed me (NMS-North) home one day because I bought this at an auto auction in Norfolk VA. (Cue the flashback story-telling music and special effects here...) The bidding was quick and short that day.  At least it went quickly once the auctioneer realized that no one was bidding on his opening $500 asking price. So, with two other guys both raising their hands for the first bid at $200, and then my next bid of $225, that was all she wrote, and NMS turned out to be the winner! You just can't lose with a 225 dollar car can you?

It came complete with exciting options like, wheels and tires, a key, and more surprises inside than a box of Cracker Jack! Among the "freebies" inside the car were both a Haynes AND a Chilton repair manual for the car, a bunch of bottles of various auto-fluids, and an unopened 12 ounce can of Mountain Dew! Also, a huge set of Channel Lock Pliers, a drain pan, and an owner's manual for a 2006 Mustang. More to follow on this fine stallion as we see if we can get it running!

Special thanks to my friends that helped tow this beast home, Rudy Rendon, Michael Moore, Spencer Burnham, and Stephen Reier. You guys deserve a free lunch!

At the auction lot
Ready to trailer it  home
Currently resting at NMS-North HQ

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