Saturday, July 9, 2016

FIAT 124 Spider First View

Today I stopped by my friendly FIAT dealer and got a glimpse of the newest FIAT in the US. The new FIAT 124 Spiders have arrived in the US, all the way from Italy.... No wait a minute, maybe they're from Mexico like my Abarth. No, that's not right either. Let's try this again.

The new FIAT 124 Spiders have arrived in the US all the way from JAPAN!

Yeah, that's the ticket. The new FIAT, from an Italian company, is built in Japan! We're very happy about this here at NMS, because you might have noticed that Brian's main autocross car is a Mazda Miata from Japan, and Robert drives a FIAT Abarth. Well, what would you get if you could combine those two cars? The new FIAT 124 Spider, which is a FIAT engined, FIAT body, riding on the same frame as a Mazda Miata.

So, not only has FIAT bought out Chrysler-Dodge-Ram-Jeep, they also have this new venture with Mazda to bring some Italian engines and body design into the very successful (over 1 million cars since 1990) Miata. Plus, you might remember that the old FIAT Spider was a pretty cool car  back in the day, so this new one has a bit of the old school style about it, but hopefully will continue the tradition of the new FIAT 500s.

You should have a Spider at your local FIAT dealer right about now, so consider stopping by just for a look. Or a test drive. Or to buy one and start auto crossing with the NMS team! Or send us $25,000 and we'll buy one for you!

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