Saturday, July 16, 2016

Car Spotting

In no particular order, and with no other particular theme, here are some cars we've spotted recently. (cue movie trailer voice over...) "In a world, with too many boring cars, cars that are black gray and white, one team of autocross drivers is in search of automotive coolness..."

Being a fan of cool cars, a few years ago we built a "Cool Car Bingo" game and shared with the family at Christmas time. A few people actually played the game, so that was fun! Just make up your own BINGO cards with fancy car brand names, like Rolls, Bentley, Lamborghini, etc and then keep one in your car. When you spot a cool car, cross it off, and see how long it takes you to complete a row either up/down or across or the diagonals. For fun you can put FORD or CHEVY in the middle Free Space!

OK, seriously, the other day I was at a mall, and when I walked back out to the family gray Toyota Camry, I had to hit the unlock button to find my car. In the same row were at least three gray Camrys from similar years. I almost lived the "rental car nightmare" of traveling out of town with a rental car where you walk out of your hotel the next day and totally can't remember what car you have. This experience isn't helped when every car in the parking lot is another dull gray/white/black four door sedan.

Maybe car makers should do like the old days Formula 1, where each country had a color they used for their cars. Then at least if you saw a red car you'd know it was Italian, Silver was German, etc. On the other hand, how about if each maker just painted a big national flag on the hood! At least the Mini Cooper guys offer that as an option if you want a British Union Jack on the roof.

Ford Probe for sale at Pick-N-Pull

FIAT 500 spotted on the road

FIAT 2000
GREEN Nissan Z
1967 Ford Mark IV that won LeMans. Driven by Dan Gurney
and A. J. Foyt. Dan sprayed everyone with Champagne and started
 the tradition of how to celebrate on the podium!
(Taken at the Henry Ford in Dearborn MI)

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