Saturday, July 30, 2016

All NMS Roads Lead to Charleston in August


Coming up on the weekend of August 13-14, the NMS team will reunite on the autocross field of competition at the North Charleston Coliseum parking lot for what could be the hottest weekend of the year. Yes indeed, maybe one of the hottest. Well, almost as hot as Nebraska will be in September. Maybe about as hot as that one event in Charlotte a few years ago. Not as hot as a bottle of hot sauce, but kinda warm. OK, so it's gonna have some heat. Close enough. Brian and Robert have driven at a few events together this year, so this one might be the big showdown for NMS team bragging rights.


On Saturday the 13th we will both be driving in the South Carolina Region of the SCCA autocross, and then working to support the Sunday Tire Rack Street Survival (TRSS) driving school for teens. The TRSS is a great grass-roots program that local car clubs host to give safe driver training to young folks up to age 21. In a safe environment (a parking lot without traffic), trained instructors present both classroom information and then practical coaching in the car to teach drivers how to handle their own cars to improve confidence and safety behind the wheel. This is not a competitive event and has nothing to do with speed. It's all about operating the car safely, knowing how the car responds, and gaining confidence and experience behind the wheel for younger drivers. You can read about the details and sign up a young driver at this link: AUG 14 INFO LINK   and you can of course find a Tire Rack Street Survival page on Facebook: TRSS Facebook LINK

The Tire Rack Street Survival folks report that in the US last year, over 5,000 teen drivers died in car accidents, and that vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for 16-19 year olds. If you want to learn more about the Street Survival program, check out their link here, and find an event near you:  Street Survival LINK

NMS reminds everyone to drive safely, look out for the other guy, and always make sure your car is maintained for safety.

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