Thursday, July 23, 2015

NMS-North Now Sponsored By Winding Road Racing!

Nixon Motor Sports North is happy to announce that the #77 FIAT Abarth is now sponsored by Winding Road Racing! You can check them out for any racing related gear you need at their great website at this link:  Winding Road

Winding Road Racing is located in Austin Texas, and provides great service in supplying drivers with everything needed for racing, auto crossing, and other driving sports. They carry all the major brands of helmets, racing clothing, seats, on board cameras, and other gear for you and your car.

In addition to their website you can find Winding Road Racing on their Facebook page:  Facebook Winding Road and on their Twitter page:  Twitter Winding Road

If you're an autocross or track driver, you can get into this program too and receive the WR stickers for free, and then earn credits you can use at Winding Road too.

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