Thursday, July 9, 2015

Miata and Abarth Updates

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the hot summer auto crossing season, so let's take a brief look at how the NMS stable of fine racing automobiles is holding up. Excuse me, let's see how the cars are holding up since we're both currently in 1st place in our classes!

The 1999 Miata is currently "resting comfortably" at a secure location in South Carolina, awaiting an engine transplant. Donors are needed now! Callers are standing by and searching Craigslist and other sources for a new engine. Just like a musician wants to go out while performing on stage, the engine in the Miata pretty much ended it all in the middle of an autocross run last month. Prognosis is good for a full and complete recovery. Are YOU an engine donor?

Our 2013 Abarth recently celebrated hitting the 40,000 mile mark, but then  had a minor disagreement with the state of Virginia regarding placement of windshield banners. As of this morning, the FIAT has officially "fought the law...and the law won". Signore Abarth was at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles inspection station this morning, and after failing the first inspection, passed with flying colors. During this process I noticed a very small line printed on the inside of the windshield, visible from the driver's seat, that apparently marks the ASI line, and sure enough, the decal was about an inch below that line! Who knew?  NMS-North would only comment that "every state has totally different registration and inspection requirements, so what can you do?"

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