Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Weekend of Nixon Motor Sports!

This weekend we've added another autocross on Sunday with the Old Dominion Region of the SCCA, and perhaps a quick trip to the Virginia Beach Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning. Later in August the NMS-North garage will close for some vacation time that will hopefully include at least one automotive stop of interest in Detroit at the Ford museum and factory tour. Call me crazy, but there is just something about factory tours that makes them always sound like fun!

Nice long slalom from last weekend's autocross!

In the last few years we managed to tour the BMW factory in South Carolina, and the small museum there is pretty cool also. Like most factories in the world though, they don't let you take photos, so I guess if you haven't seen your favorite factory on TV you have to go there yourself. At least with the Internet you can Google it yourself and figure out what places have tours and whether or not they charge admission.

Checking for safety!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, drive safely!

Just part of the crowd at the driver's meeting; 113 drivers total!

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