Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NMS To Race at Indy 500 With New Car!

Engine in rear, just like Indy Car!
During a press conference early this morning from the NMS Headquarters in Columbia SC, Chief of Engineering Brian Nixon announced that Nixon Motor Sports had just completed the  purchase of a Ferrari F50 Enzo to be used in racing at this year's Indianapolis 500.  Brian explained that the Ferrari was in an unusual color for an Italian car, something he called "red", and outlined that the car came with  many features such as "four wheels", something called an "engine", and what can only be described as a "big honkin' wing on the back".

Italian car in weird color scheme of "Red"!
When asked why the sudden move from the world of autocross to the high speed world of IndyCars, Brian explained "well, in autocross we've learned that steering wheels work both ways, and that it's good to have brakes on a car, so we thought we'd just try something different.  You  know, like only having to worry about turning left, and not having to use the brake pedal at all. I mean come on, I've only got two feet so how hard can Indy Cars be, since all you do is hit the gas and drive around in circles. Besides, with that 2.5 mile track they have, it's not exactly hard to learn your way around!

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