Thursday, April 2, 2015

FIAT 500X: Be The First On Your Block!

If you are familiar with the new FIAT 500 and it's various models such as the turbocharged FIAT 500 Abarth (like mine!), the larger FIAT 500L, and the all electric 500e available in California and Oregon, then just maybe you know about the next step in FIAT 500 evolution, the 500X!

What's a FIAT 500X? It's the car you may remember from the epic Super Bowl commercial this year, the blue pill ad:   500X AD

In the good news department, the 500X models are rolling off the assembly line in Italy NOW, with the first batch of cars going to Italian customers. We should see the first Xs here in the US by June this summer.

The good people at FIAT500USA have all kinds of information, articles and FIAT related links on their webpage 500X

Specifically for the coming-to-America-soon 500X, you can build and price one at this link: Build and Price

The various X models range in price starting at only $20,000, with the top of the line X starting at $28,000. 

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