Saturday, April 25, 2015

99 Miata Build, Part 11

Here's a just a quick look at some other recent developments at NMS-South in Columbia SC. The #86 Miata will be competing in autocross action at the Florence Civic Center on Sunday April 26th with a huge amount of upgrades that have been installed recently.  Most of these were covered in the  Miata Build Part 10 blog post last week.

OK, the new roll bar (just visible in the first picture) does add some weight to the car, but it is required for driving on the track, and it is a safety feature, so that might slow the car just a tiny little bit, but here's some more go-fast parts:

What could be faster than a MAZDASPEED sticker!!
New shocks should be fun!!
Sure to come through in the NEW CLUTCH!
We predict the course workers will be happy with the Miata improvements!

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