Saturday, April 11, 2015

Williamsburg VA British Car Club Euro Auto Show Highlights!

Well sports fans, if you hit our Nixon Motor Sports Flickr website link over on the right, you can see all 93 photos from this morning's cool Euro car show sponsored by the Williamsburg British Car Club!  The Flickr website is a great FREE photo hosting site, and you can see these photos there, so to give you a sample of the variety, here are just a few of my favorites below.

I love seeing cars in person that I've only read about, and cars I've never even heard of too!  At this show we had some cool wheels from Britain, France, Italy, and Germany, as well as one lonely Saab from Sweden, although I didn't get a shot of the Saab 93. 

From England: Lotus? Got a couple. MG and Triumph? Tons! Jaguars and Aston Martins? Yes and Yes!

How about Germany? JAH! Eine Porsche 911, BMW Z3 und Zed Vier! Prost!

Italia? Si, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo!

Here we go...
Love this Lotus!

Nothing says HAPPY like a "Bugeye" Sprite!

Two Alfa Romeos! Mamma Mia!

Ferrari 328, surprise! It's in Red!
Peugeot 208 GTI. Nice!

Citroen 2CV. Bon Jour!
Z3 and Z4 from BMW

New Jaguar F-type!
This Spitfire owner really showed their colors with the flag under the hood!

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