Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Miata in Martinsville

NMS is looking forward to starting the 2014 autocross season just about a month from now, so while we're gearing up with a few car modifications and a new tweak to the helmet decals just for fun, I thought we'd take a look back just a few years ago with the 04 Mazdaspeed Miata.

Brian and I visited Martinsville VA on a December morning and for the price of a donation to their charities, were allowed to drive a few laps on the half mile NASCAR track! This annual event gathers donations of toys for kids in the local community, and is a really fun way to help others while getting to tell your friends, "Oh yeah, I've driven at Martinsville"!

Driving your car every day can be just part of your job, or a means to an end, so we really enjoy driving the cars at competitive autocross events even more.  Better than that, doing some fun driving that benefits others can be a blast, so if you just take a look around there is always a way to find an event near you.  If not, why not start something to help others yourself?
       How can you tell it's an 04 or 05 Mazdaspeed Miata?  Just read the back of the rear view mirror!

                                                                 Martinsville track infield.

                            Maybe the bleachers weren't full, but we had fun driving on the track anyway!

  Near the main entrance with the track in the background.

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