Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Auto Shows

Our last two blogs talked about the new car auto show in Greenville SC, and I probably forgot to mention that it was sponsored by Motor Trend magazine. Whether you like your car magazines hard copy in your hands, or read them digitally, there is probably a car magazine for just about any interest.  As sponsors of the car show, Motor Trend also gives you a free year's subscription, so we have another 12 months of free reading to look forward to in 2014.  Motor Trend Magazine

Of course Greenville SC may not be the center of the automotive universe like Detroit, so as you likely are aware, this week is also the North American International Auto Show, which is the official name of what most folks call the Detroit Auto Show.  Every day this week there will be thousands of news releases, press conferences, new cars being revealed, and constant talk about our favorite subject.  The auto show's website North American International Auto Show is just chock full of what is going on for those of us that aren't in Detroit right now.

A couple of the big news items so far has been the 2015 Ford F-150, which will feature a lot of aluminum vs. steel, therefore giving a lighter stronger vehicle to the best selling line of trucks in the US.  Toyota unveiled a concept for a very sporty looking car, with the not-so-amazing name of FT which stands for "Future Toyota". If you remember when Toyota had a sporty car called the Supra, well maybe this concept will turn into reality some day and bring some excitement back to the Toyota brand of style.  Don't get me wrong, Toyota sells a ton of cars, but like one reviewer commented on their style, I put my hand on a Camry one day and my hand fell asleep.  I have a Camry at home and it's a very nice ride and very reliable, but it is not made for being flashy or to be driven fast in an autocross.

I was going to blab about getting to attend the NAIS about 10 years ago, (thanks to my job), but instead of looking back, let's look forward!  Just over a month from now, the Nixon Motor Sports team will be back in the autocross world when our South Carolina Region of the SCCA kicks off the year with the first event in February.  Until then, get those cars tuned up, try to correct that loose nut behind the wheel, and then the Miata and the Abarth will be running fast!

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