Saturday, January 4, 2014

Charlotte Cars and Coffee = Chilly

     Those of you that live in the northern part of the planet will laugh when I tell you that it was cold in Charlotte this morning, since it was only 27 degrees, so let's go with "chilly" to describe today's Cars and Coffee. A few of the highlights included three Ferraris (360, 308, Mondial), the nice old Mercedes below with white wheel covers and rally lights, at least one Jaguar E type, the blue Chevy below, and the contrasting Germans in the last photo with an old VW bus and a newer Porsche.

     In addition to these cool cars, there were dozens of Mustangs, Camaros, a Triumph TR7, a Tesla, many Corvettes, Subarus, Hondas, Porsches galore, some Volvos, etc.

     Special thanks to  Foreign Cars Italia for providing free coffee and goodies to the crowd.  On a chilly morning, the hot coffee was much appreciated!

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