Thursday, January 2, 2014

Season 3 of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"

     Do you need a sense of humor to drive a car? How about to work on one? Not sure about that, but I'll bet a sense of humor helps a lot when your car breaks down. One guy that is into cars is comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and if you didn't know, he has a show on the internet that is pretty much unlike anything else.

     Instead of another sitcom like his long running show from the 90s, try to imagine a talk show with only one guest. Then put that show not on a sound stage, not sitting behind a desk, but just with two people getting into a cool car and then going for coffee. And along the way they have a rambling conversation that may or may not lead to some funny stories.

     Well even if you can't imagine a show like that, it really exists, and has just started it's third season. You can check it out at this link as Jerry and fellow comedian Louis C. K. take a ride in an awesome orange 1959 Fiat Jolly, and then cruise a bit on Louis' boat before stopping for coffee.

comedians in cars getting coffee

     Remember, anything from the 1950s HAS to be good!

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