Monday, January 6, 2014

Mail Call

     While the internet seems to have taken over life as we know it, some of Nixon Motor Sports favorite things still come in the good old fashioned mail!  Whether it's car parts that are on order, or the cool racing gear that you probably can't find at your local store in most of the world, it's your friendly neighborhood mail carrier that delivers the goods and puts a smile on your face.

     In today's mail it was an auto racing trifecta, with the latest edition of the SCCA magazine, the SCCA 2014 calendar, and another calendar from one of my favorite on line forums that focuses on old Fiats such as the X1/9:  X Web Forum

     The main reason I like the X Web Forum is that cool cars like the Fiat X1/9 are two seater mid engine cars. While some two seater mid engine cars costs hundreds of thousands or over a million dollars, you could probably find a reasonable old X way under $10,000.  That's a lot fewer zeros than a new Ferrari! For some reason, these types of cars, or even the more modern version like the recent Toyota MR2 or Porsche Boxster (OK, more rear engine than mid engine) just seem like the best way to have fun in a car, providing you don't need to haul a lot of stuff or more than one other person!

     Back to the calendar, one of the folks that is a member of the X Web Forum puts together a calendar every year, and this year he was running a little short on photos.  While I don't have an old X, the forum also covers the newer Fiats a little bit, so I offered up a few shots of the NMS Fiat 500 Abarth, and today found out that sure enough they used two very small photos in their calendar.

     Sure it's not a world famous calendar like Dilbert or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, and doesn't include anyone famous like the pictures of Bob Bondurant and Paul Newman in the SCCA calendar, but it does have a lot of Italian style, and just a bit of NMS in photos taken at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Here you go, those two little photos of the Rosso (red) car under the main photo!

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