Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Speaking of Electric Cars, I've Solved the Energy Issue!

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Driving an electric BMW the other day was a lot of fun, so it got me thinking about electric cars in general. The idea sounds great; no more visits to the gas station! However, you've got to charge them up somehow, and I'll leave it to others to calculate how much electricity and generating that electricity costs, plus the bazillion other factors in determining if electric cars are more "green" than gas users. We know that even more electric cars are coming, since various countries have mandated the end of new gas engine car production in the future, so maybe the reality is that we'll just keep seeing more and more of them. 

With more electric vehicles, we'll have more electric charging stations, and even longer range vehicles so that the idea of driving your electric vehicle (EV) on a long trip will be as easy as it is now with gas stations all over the place. This worrying about driving range on cross-country trips could be easily solved if the country would just get behind my new plan that I'm unveiling for the first time here today: We only need to build two roads from coast to coast, with one of them down hill going east to west, while the other road is all downhill from west to east. The beauty of this plan would be you could coast downhill in a soap-box-derby gravity fueled car from no matter which way you are going.

OK, I can hear you criticizing this brilliant plan, like "how do you get to the top of the road?" The answer is simple, either a car elevator, (Why do you think Carvana is building all those tall structures?) or just get a bunch of helium balloons. Simple. We'll have to add a BUNCH more downhill roads that go off of the main downhill run, just to enable drivers to coast to every town in the country, but how hard could that be?


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