Thursday, April 14, 2022

Oh No! My Car Has Rubinrotmetallic!

While doing some research on my German car, I discovered that it is afflicted with a condition known as "rubinrotmetallic." I thought it was running just fine, but that word sounds pretty bad. It'll probably cost a bazillion dollars to get that taken care of at the dealer. It kind of looks like "rubbing" and "rot" and "metallic" so those are not good things when it comes to an automobile. Oh well, easy come, easy go! 

On the other hand, German is a different language than English, and as Steve Martin said about the people in France, "They've got a different word for EVERYTHING!"

OK, seriously, rubinrotmetallic is just the German term for my car's color, Ruby Red Metallic, so it's nothing to worry about. You can learn all kinds of German words and see Porsches in every color at the Rennbow website:  RENNBOW

Dang, I should have saved this for the next April Fools Day!

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