Tuesday, April 12, 2022

April Autocross Action

A very green Porsche 914!

WHO: Porsche Club of America's NY Metro Region 

You don't have to drive a Porsche to drive with the Porsche club

WHAT: Autocross


WHERE: Tobay Beach, Long Island

Porsche 911


WHEN: April 10th

NMS-North Porsche Cayman

WHY: The third Autocross competition of 2022!

NMS headed out to Tobay Beach again, and for the 2nd time this year slapped the #77 on the Cayman, and duked it out with a bunch of car enthusiasts that were behind the wheel of their Porsches and other cars. When the dust settled, I was happy to have spent the day competing at Tobay Beach. 

For a BRIEF second during the 3rd runs I was in first on PAX time, but that was EARLY in the day and all the drivers hadn't even gone on course yet. 

Each driver had 4 runs in the morning, and then 3 more in the afternoon (that's 7 total if you're following along at home.) Ideally I'd be smokin' hot on all 7 runs, but on this occasion I only improved during the morning, and didn't go any faster in the afternoon. Even with the temperature sneaking above 50, it was a chilly and windy time being outdoors, so I'll settle for just having fun. 

If you haven't tried to autocross, I'm sure there is a group near you that welcomes new drivers, so give it a try!

Thumbs up for another fun day of driving!

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