Saturday, April 16, 2022

One Week To Go Lemons Racing!

April 23-24 the NMS team will be racing with the Bunch of Idiots (BOI) at the 24 Hours of Lemons Yokohama Block Party in Kershaw SC. This race is unique among a year long series of Lemons races, because on Friday night (April 22nd), the drivers and race cars will leave the track at Carolina Motorsports Park, and roll into Camden SC for the Friday Night Block Party. If you are anywhere near Camden, stop by downtown to see the wacky cars, talk to the drivers, hang out, and have a fun time. You can get the full weekend schedule at this link: YOKOHAMA BLOCK PARTY 

Luke and Kyle demonstrate the perfect refueling pit-stop

The racing part will be Saturday and Sunday out at CMP, and there is an admission charge if you want to watch, so that's why you get more bang for your buck by attending the Friday Block Party for free! Right now the weather is looking to be dry, so that's always a plus for spending the weekend outdoors, much less driving. 

All the fast drivers on the team, Brian, Kyle, and Luke

Our team will be out at CMP all day Friday for the official car inspection (1230 for us), plus driving some test sessions behind the wheel of the mighty BOI Mazda Miata. The rest of the weekend then looks like this: 

Saturday, April 23
7am: Gate registration open
9am: Mandatory drivers meeting
9:30am: Grid time--show up soon!
10am-5pm: Race session I
8pm: Gate registration close

Sunday, April 24
7am: Gate registration open
9am-11am: Race session II
11am-12pm: Mandatory Quiet Hour (no race engines)
Noon-4:30pm: Race session III
5pm: Awards ceremony

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