Sunday, April 17, 2022

NY International Auto Show Returns!

After an absence of a few years due to Covid (now that's a familiar sounding phrase!) the NY International Auto Show returned to the Javits Center in NYC! Here's some of what we saw: 

The electric Toyota bZ4X. Right off the bat, this car gets my vote for worst name. 

Subaru had a great display, although half of it was rally and racing cars, and the larger half was their usual 4 wheel drive outdoorsy save the environmenty. 

A new company apparently based in Vietnam, Vinfast is bringing two electric cars to the USA. What's unique with them is that you pay for the car, but have to lease the battery for a small payment per month, based on how many miles you drive. Also, when your battery is getting low, they bring you a new one, so I guess that eliminates the need to charge the car. Will it catch on? We shall see. 

One of the 2 Vinfast SUVs. 
Also, Vinfast is planning a huge production facility in North Carolina to open in 2024. More in this article: Autoweek Story

The show had a strong electric theme, and here is a good look at the basic underpinnings of a KIA electric platform. With the batteries being very low, your average electric car should have a low center of gravity. 

The VW ID.Buzz got a lot of attention, especially from us older folks that remember the Vanagon and other VW buses of the past. 

It sure reminds me of an old VW bus!

From our Italian friends at Alfa Romeo, here is their new 2nd SUV, the Tonale, this one is also labeled Speciale. 

A FIAT 500 Red, all electric. Is the FIAT 500 coming back to the US? I'd have to guess "yes" based on their display of two 500s!

You've got to admit this face is cute!

Next up, some plain old fancy cars we can't afford, starting with the Lamborghini SUV, the URUS.

And, if you don't need an SUV right now, how about a regular old new Lamborghini?

If you've just won the lottery, perhaps you're interested in this red Rolls Royce, or the Rolls SUV next to it?

Don't want a new car, how about a classic Ferrari?

To remind us that Lincoln is an upscale company, here is Elvis Presley's 1956 Lincoln. 

Elvis' Lincoln

These logos got my attention, mostly I recognized the William Advanced Engineering name from their Formula 1 cars. So, I walked around the wall to see what these three companies were going together...

The NY International Auto Show is the world premiere of this car from Deus. It looks all modern, sporty, fast, etc. I wonder how fast it goes or how much HP it might have?

If you can't quite read the sign, the Deus has 2,200 Horsepower!!!
I believe that the 2,000Nm of torque converts to 1,475 foot-pounds of torque. 
Uh, in a word, that's ridiculous!

Deus is the company, and this model (their first) is the Vayanne. They plan to produce 99 of them in 2025 or so. The car is all electric, and will run about 248mph or so. With Williams Engineering and Italdesign (company founded by famous designer Giorgetto Giugiaro) I'd have to guess that this all electric car will eventually be built. More info at their website: DEUS AUTOMOBILES

OK, that's some of what we saw, more coming up in PART II. 

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